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Field Rental packages


With 500 Paintballs

With 1000 Paintballs

With Case of 2000


Model 98





Model  A5




All Gun Packages include: Gun, Goggles and unlimited CO2.

If you have purchased a field pass, the only thing you need to purchase is your paint and CO2.

The Cost is $20.00 per person for unlimited CO2 and 500 Paintballs per person.

Private Games

Private sessions usually last 3 hours and up to 5 depending on how many extra paintballs are purchased. The minimum fee for a private game is $450.00, this includes the basic “98” rental package for each person in the initial 15 people. Regular rental rates apply to each person over the initial 15. YES you can upgrade to any package you like.

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If you do not meet the 15 person requirement please call us at 218-839-5117

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